For the Love of Twitter

I’ll say it, I LOVE twitter!

Those 140 characters are perfect for getting straight to the point, but even though twitter doesn’t seem to be as popular as other forms of social media there is no doubt in my mind that it is still a brilliant resource.

When it comes to TV shows, we want to watch everything now and due all the streaming sites popping up, chances are we can but the increase in live tweeting especially by stars of shows during episodes are drawing people back to allocated TV times. People want to be engaged and in giving them the opportunity to live tweet with some of their favourite stars of shows is a brilliant incentive to pull them back to television viewing. A study has found that in the “18-34 year olds, a 4.2% increase in tweets corresponded to a 1% rise in TV ratings for a mid-season episode”
So using live tweeting by cast or writers to entice people to watch ‘new’ episodes for the first time on TV does bring in more viewers, for example I love to hate Dance Moms, literally the only reason I make the effort to watch any more is to join in the live tweets during new episodes… and it’s still a little bit entertaining, but the attraction of live tweets does entice me and many others to watch together rather than find it online.

Even moving away from shows and looking at a physical product twitter has some merit, seriously… ever heard of Exploding Kittens?photo-original
I have and I first heard about it on twitter, it did eventually pop up on my Facebook but that was only after a few of my friends had found and liked their page (how’s that for some sociological theory of homophily), the creators used basically every form of social media to market this thing, but their use of twitter in not only communicating updates but also answering question, giving advice about game play and just general funsies was just and continues to be phenomenal.

Exploding kittens


I think twitter is pretty brilliant, it makes it fairly easy for anyone to be social. Professional actors, established companies or people trying to build a brand can use twitter and be active (it only takes a few seconds to write a tweet), be interesting (140 characters if done right can certainly grab your attention), be humble (allow feedback, twitter gives everyone a say), be unprofessional (there’s no room for professional in 140 characters) and be honest (the internet is full of information, if you’re dishonest people will find out).

So yeah, I think twitter is a great marketing tool for anyone but what do you think?
Do you think that the limited allowance of character is a disadvantage for those trying to promote or do you think it’s a good system?
Is there a better way for tv shows to improve rating instead of doing live tweets?

And just wanting to throw this open a bit do you think the theory of homophily which is basically the theory that ‘people chose to associate with individual similar to themselves’, (the way Facebook decides what to advertise to you) is a good way for organisation to attract more followers/likes/viewers/consumers?

So yeah let me know
Thanks for reading

Heads up if you’ve never heard of Exploding Kittens feel free to browse


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Twitter

  1. Hey Nat! I’m a big Twitter fan too… love it for live news updates and communicating with big businesses (usually to complain) easily. Telstra have actually become really effective users of the platform. My internet was down for two days last week, and they were replying to my tweets straight away! Great customer service and value adding.

    But my two favourite Twitter accounts have to be @LeeLinChin & @Pakalupapito. SO. FUNNY. Highly recommend you have a read if you don’t follow them already. #leelinchinforspeaker.


    • Exactly it’s far more efficient to complain on twitter than to write a email. These days some companies get so many emails they can sit there for days or weeks before they get back to you and on twitter not only is it quick to read and write a reply, it is also out for everyone to see, rather than hidden in an inbox so businesses are more inclined to act quickly to maintain their reputation.
      Whilst they may not be able to give you detailed instructions to tell you how to fix your problem on twitter, they can link you to troubleshooting page that can help, give you a helpdesk phone number or ask you to DM them for your number so someone can call you and help you sort it out when, used right it does add to customer value.
      Thanks for the comment I’ll definitely go check them out 🙂


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