All these mobile apps and I have none

This is my phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 mini pro


You may recall seeing it in the hands of Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider Man… that’s right Spider Man uses my phone (well a spiderman)andrew-garfield-amazing-spider-man-2-unmasked… well probably did because you see this came out in 2010.

I’ve managed to keep my phone for 5 years where in that time my best friends have gone from a nondescript sony ericsson to an iPhone 4 and then onto the iPhone 5… I can’t remember if they have the 6 now, I don’t beyond it beyond its an iPhone, even though my phone can’t exactly be called a smart by today’s standards (forever stuck at Android OS 2.3), it is still a smart phone and therefore impacted by mobile marketing.

With 78% of us using our phone while we shop, myself included (got to check those prices) mobile marketing has become so very important.

In order for mobile marketing to be successful it has to

  1. Indvidualise its activities, take into account your preferences
  2. Involve you
  3. Initiate the creation of user-generated content
  4. Integrate its activities into your life to avoid being an annoyance

If you loomogul_logo_Brand1k at Domino’s mobile apps they have done a good job at meeting these, it saves your preferences to make ordering easier, it invites you to create pizzas with its pizza mogul and whilst you are invited to order by emails, text messages, etc it’s never a total nuisance.
So many companies now have mobile ordering apps to save time and entice you to order by making your ordering process as smooth as possible, it’s great… for those of you who can utilise them, I’ll just sit here with my little phone and wait for the automated text messages from the local bar or dominos inviting me to spend money.

What do you think of all the emerging mobile ordering apps? Are they any good?


2 thoughts on “All these mobile apps and I have none

  1. Hey Nat,
    I have to say while your phone may be a little outdated now, theres nothing like those old classics with the flip keyboards, I still remember my HTC Desire Z, it was simple too but the keyboard saved my life. I think you raise a really interesting point when talking about how even outdated as it is, your phone is still a medium that can be targeted for mobile marketing. Going further into that, it means that these older models of phones that perhaps people who are less tech savy, possibly an unfair generalisation I know, can still be actively targeted just as easily as those people that are fully up to date with technology and engaging heavily with it. Kind of an interesting thought isn’t it?

    As for my thoughts on the emerging ordering apps, I personally have to say it really is very convenient. I know there are loads of apps that will store your preferences and certain information such as address, contact details and what not, and it just really saves so much time. While I think that some apps may be going a little far, for the most part I think its a great innovation that I really look forward to watching evolve!

    Again, nice post 🙂


    • You’re right I may not have access to all the apps and the kind of advertising that goes with it but I still do receive a form of mobile marketing via the text messages, it is interesting how even though technology is moving forward and things are getting more advanced, companies are still in some ways looking over their shoulder to try and make sure no potential customer is left behind.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂


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