I Can Hardly Keep Track of my Dog!

10408606_1042349242447429_7409377110357265680_nThis is my dog, she’s a beautiful chubby 10 year old cavi named Sadie, she may be chubby but damn she’s sneaky.

For example yesterday afternoon I thought she was asleep on the couch next to me as she had been for the past two hours but I went go to pat her and she’s gone. I found her 20 minutes later, next to the couch behind the curtain eating something she’d pulled out of the bin (I’m thinking about putting a bell on her or something)… if I can’t keep track of my dog how am I going to managed to keep track of between 3000-5000 ‘things’?

In 20 years it is predicted that we could be in contact with up to 5000 ‘things’ via smart devices, for me with my not exactly smart phone that seems really excessive but who knows in 20 years that could be the norm.

If I could tag my keys with something so I can find them from my phone when I lose them that would be brilliant (If I could find my phone via my keys that would be even better considering I seem to lose one or the other on a daily basis but never both), but this evolving network of everything is going to make it so much easier to keep track of many more things, which could turn us into a more efficient society, airlines for example can utilise the data available now to be more efficient imagine what more they could do in a few more years.

The health industry could be revolutionised with an increased ability for hospitals and doctors to monitor and manage patients inside their practices and during a patient’s day to day life, which is fantastic and could save lives.

My dog Sadie
My dog Sadie

Being able to connect with 5000 ‘things’ seems like a lot and I don’t know how much of it will actually be useful, I don’t want to know who’s sitting in a chair or watching tv… but being able to find my keys (or mobile) and my dog without searching all over the house only to find her less than a meter from where I was sitting would be nice.

Now throwing it open:
I want to know, do you think this level of connectivity is a good thing? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?
What use could this growing information be to marketers?
Is there something you really wish you had tagged so you could find it easier?


5 thoughts on “I Can Hardly Keep Track of my Dog!

  1. A great read! I’ve also got a cavi, her name is Honey
    I like your idea of being able to track your pets to be honest. I feel like there is a lot of potential there. I mean, we microchip them anyway, why not throw in a GPS tracker? That’s an idea that seems really possible… Do you mind if I tweet to the RSPCA about it? I’ll throw in a link to your blog and @ it to you 🙂
    I suppose the connectivity revolution is great for marketers – like Deming said, if you can measure it you can manage it. And if you can measure pets you can measure people… And suddenly we have a major ethical issue on our hands. It’s quite a scary thing!

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    • That’s fine go for it 🙂
      I really think we do need to be able to track our pets better, you’re right they’re already microchip why not add a tracker, yes it may be more expensive but I think a lot of people would pay it.
      Yep totally true the more we evolve the more likely we will run into a number of ethical issues and it really is quite frighting I just hope that those in the position of power at the time are able to make the right decisions.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂


    • It would be nice if they would, I mean we have so much technology which can basically do everything but we still don’t have a financially viable way to keep track of out pets.
      With a bit of investment from local and state governments to create something, it would not only make it easier to keep track of pets and find them if they wonder off but I think it would also be a great deterrent for those stealing dogs for dog fighting.
      Technology can do so much surely someone can bring out something that could potentially save a lot of pet owners sleepless nights and heartbreak.


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