Making Sense of Twitter Analytics- How to be Seen on Twitter (Basics)

Let me say this outright, when it comes to analytics I have no idea what I’m doing so we shall see where this goes.

So Avinash Kaushik states that [digital] analytics is “the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers, and potential customers have which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline)”.
So basically organisations can use it to see who’s clicking on what and what they are doing and in anaylsing these, they can put in place changes or implement plans get more viewers to the organisations end goal (macro conversion) whether that be a sale or a sign up or something else but how can we apply analytics for average everyday people using social media to get their opinions out there?

Well I’ll see if I can help…
Basically about a a week or a week and a half ago I got an email from twitter about using twitter analytics, I decided to have a little looksie and this is what I got,

Screenshot from NatDavis12 Twitter Analytics
Screenshot from NatDavis12 Twitter Analytics

I was surprised with the information it gave me about my account but to be completely honest… I had no idea what to do with it, but after a bit of looking around, I got the gist about what it was telling me and what I could take away from it to try and be seen more in the twitter universe.

NatDavis12 Twitter Analytics Graph
NatDavis12 Twitter Analytics Graph

When I analysed this graph I found out that the peaks in impressions (people who saw my tweets, represented by the blue) happened when I used established hashtags for example on July 24th the (biggest peak) I was watching a musical with friends and before it started I used the theatre company hashtag in my tweets.
I’ve also been able to identify that majority of my favorites or retweets came from my tweets about dance, not really surprising considering majority of my followers are also dancers, which bring me to my next piece of advice be relevant or exciting, if your passion isn’t shared by your followers then grab their interest (decent click-bait)
Generally speaking tweeting more often, will get you more views however don’t spam your followers spread them out by a few hours, majority of people log in at different time so by spreading out your tweets you reach a greater audience, for example I’ve found about 2/3 of my followers live in different time zones by tweeting at different times I reach more of them.

So that’s just a couple of really basic tips I’ve been able to come up with using my twitter analytics data. Anyway that’s just twitter for a average user like myself for a more in depth look at analytics on twitter click here.

Is there any kind of information that you think is more important than others with analytics? or more specifically do you think knowing where a person found your link (where they clicked from) is important to a great extent than just knowing where you should advertise?

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